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Files types we currently support:

    .stl: STereoLithography or Standard Tessellation Language file format
        Supported by many 3D Printing Software packages.
        Widely used for rapid prototyping and CAD/CAM
        It produces the surface geometry of a three dimensional object,
        using raw unstructured triangles, normals and vertices.
        Monochrome results.

    .ply: Polygon file format
        Designed tstore three dimensional data from 3D scanners.
        Contains a simple description of nominally flat polygons used tcreate a 3D model.
        Color results.

    .obj: Geometry definition file
        It represents the 3D position of each individual vertex
        Nscale information (can be defined by the user).
        Color results.

    .wrl: Virtual Reality Modeling Language or VRML
        Designed for representing 3D interactive vector graphics
        Text file where vertices and edges of a 3D polygon are specified
        along with their respective properties (texture, transparency etc).
        Color results.


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